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[fvplayer id=”16″]

Are you a fan of sexy girls in tight dresses & short skirts? This HD candid video is for you! From beautiful young teens wearing short summer dresses, to rich stunning supermodel milfs in tight mini skirts, this video captures many leggy babes that look drop dead gorgeous in public. Enjoy watching these babes walk down the street as their incredible asses move from side to side, squeezing the thin fabric from their dresses into their ass crack. The many VPL shots will give you a perfect idea of what they’re wearing underneath!


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Runtime:    20 minutes
Resolution:   1920 x 1080
File Size:   2 GB

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[fvplayer id=”23″]

Check out these hot fit babes shopping for bra & panties in this public candid video. The first gorgeous girl on the video must be a model, or actress, dressed incognito to fly under the radar. Her face is stunning and her big bouncing breasts really complete this beautiful package. Go window shopping with more milfs, teens, and college girls as they shop for new underwear. There is even a teen ballerina with VPL browsing for a sexy new pair of panties. Due to mediocre in-store lighting, the price has been dropped way down for more people to enjoy!


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Runtime:   8 minutes
Resolution:    1920 x 1080
File Size:   403 MB

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[fvplayer id=”27″]

If you haven’t seen any videos in this series yet, “Barmaids and Bar Babes 3” captures crazy hot college girls in tiny clothing – ass cheeks hanging out of cut off denim shorts, thong VPL through tight short skirts, and even spandex booty shorts! These beautiful girls are forced to wear revealing outfits at work and we are oh so grateful! These babes are in perfect physical shape, and their minimal clothing puts them right out on display in public. Even the customers these babes serve are hot as hell. There is no shortage of perfect ass in this video. Keep an eye out for the gust of wind that blows that skirt up :) Ass lovers rejoice!


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Runtime:    19 minutes
Resolution:   1920 x 1080
File Size:   700 MB

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[fvplayer id=”71″]

This beautiful upscale club beauty was waiting to get inside a local day club. Her short dress reveals a pink bikini underneath, outlining the shape of her incredible ass through her short dress. This hot blonde girl has flawless long legs, a nice tan skin tone and a great sense of fashion. Her shoes match her purse, her pink phone matches her bikini and she spent time getting her hair and nails done to look top notch. This high class girl is heavenly to look at!


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Runtime:    6 minutes
Resolution:   1440 x 1080
File Size:   291 MB

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