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Are you a fan of sexy girls in tight dresses & short skirts? This HD candid video is for you! From beautiful young teens wearing short summer dresses, to rich stunning supermodel milfs in tight mini skirts, this video captures many leggy babes that look drop dead gorgeous in public. Enjoy watching these babes walk down the street as their incredible asses move from side to side, squeezing the thin fabric from their dresses into their ass crack. The many VPL shots will give you a perfect idea of what they’re wearing underneath!


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Runtime:    20 minutes
Resolution:   1920 x 1080
File Size:   2 GB

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After the sun goes down, the hotel pool area turns into a posh night club, flooded with beautiful girls looking their best.  Their hair is done and their makeup is perfect.  See them publicly display their amazing bodies and perfect legs in short skirts and heels.  The video is shot at night, so the lighting and quality isn’t great – but the video is FREE!


Runtime:    5 minutes
Resolution:   1440 x 1080
File Size:   266 MB

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Check out these beach club babes ready to party for the day. Their makeup is done and their bodies are amazing. Tan, fit, confident college girls wearing mini skirts, tiny shorts and bikinis enter an upscale beach club ready to party and flirt. Such a beautiful sight to behold captured in public, everyday life. This candid video runs a little over ten minutes and captures great looking girls in public. There are some slow motion replays for the moments too amazing to only watch once.


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Runtime:   10 minutes
Resolution:   1440 x 1080
File Size:   440 MB

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Check out these hot club chicks shaking their butts and getting wasted in tiny shorts and short skirts. The Girls Gone Wild girls and Teen Deja are also in the house! Club candids with a lots of nice babes, and a few upskirts.

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Check out these hot shots of Brianna Frost (http://www.briannafrost.com/) before getting body painted. See her amazing body as she stands topless in just a g-string. There are a few shots of her wearing a schoolgirl outfit as well, breathtaking.

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