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Check out this beautiful sunbather with a great ass!  What a perfect view – that thick, tan, wet ass on this gorgeous college brunette is absolutely perfect.  With this HD candid tanning video, get an arousing POV angle, as if your face is right there, comfortably wedged between her smooth warm thighs.  Watch her lick her boyfriend’s finger before he grabs her by the throat and shoves his tongue in her mouth.  He rubs her thighs and smacks her ass, as she smiles and flirts.  Watch her spread her legs in a revealing bikini, as she provides you with all the perfect angles of her amazing body.  Gotta love wet tan ass!

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Runtime:   23 minutes
Resolution:   1920 x 1080
File Size:    834 MB

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Another beautiful day back at the Twin Peaks Bikini Car Wash!  You must see this group of beautiful college girls getting wet as they scrub cars in public wearing tiny bikinis.  There were so many hot girls and they are all captured here in HD.  See them start their day as they slip their athletic bodies out of their Twin Peaks uniforms and into colorful bikinis.  My personal favorites would have to be the blonde in the green bottoms, the playful tan brunette in the pink bikini, and the Latino in the black bottoms with the amazing bubble butt.  Which is your favorite?


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Runtime:   15 minutes
Resolution:   1440 x 1080
File Size:   542 MB

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Check out this hot blonde bikini babe captured at the public pool! This college babe has amazing breasts and a perfect butt, which was covered from many angles. See her wet plump booty bobbing up and down in the water as her big boobs glisten in the sun. She sunbathes in her hot little bikini as she tans her beautiful body before returning to the water. Watch her in a public setting as she frolics carefree in the water with her amazing college girl body!


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Runtime:   23 minutes
Resolution:   1440 x 1080
File Size:   1 GB

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