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[fvplayer id=”84″] The gyms are closed, so all the hot athletic babes have gone to the park for their workouts! Luckily for you, you get a front row seat to watch them exercise their beautiful bodies from the comfort of your home. While this video features many gorgeous fit girls, we focus on a few spectacular specimens. Two twin girls with braided pigtails work out together, showing off their flawless bodies and breathtaking asses in public. Another is a gorgeous natural beauty, teasing you with her cleavage busting out as she exercises to keep her nice thick body in shape. Lastly, is a cute young blonde girl working out in yogapants, as she lets you watch her sculpt her growing body. We’re having trouble deciding who the star of the show is here. Who’s your favorite?!

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Runtime:   39 minutes
Resolution:  1920 x 1080
File Size:   3.98 GB

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Another great candid video covers all the curves and mounds on these sexy Twin Peaks babes! If you haven’t gone up to your local Twin Peaks to grab a beer and stare at hot young ass, you can still enjoy these lovely ladies here in our HD candid videos. Twin Peaks features many hot college girls in tiny shorts with their titties bustin’ out. Get an up close look at these waitresses cleavage as they wait outside for customers in their tiny lumber jill outfits. So many nice tan thick thighs, tight asses, and beautiful breasts on display in public. Such a sight to behold!


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Runtime:   13 minutes
Resolution:   1920 x 1080
File Size:    1.3 GB

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Twin Peaks girls, gorgeous and fit, show off their cleavage and strong legs with confidence. This candid video features a variety of beautiful babes with amazing bodies shot naturally in public. Their tight little shorts look great on them and they know it.  See a few of the girls in lingerie as well!  This HD video has lots of good leg and butt footage, plus a great cleavage segment at the end!


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Runtime:   13 minutes
Resolution:   1920 x 1080
File Size:   873 MB

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