Yoga Pants Mega Mix

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Check out this epic 21-minute candid yoga pants mega mix video! There is such an awesome variety of athletic babes in yoga pants and leggings all over the city, and they are all captured for you in this quality candid video. The video preview shows only a small sample of the amount of footage of these incredible hard bodied girls. Fresh from the gym, the lycra grips their sporty asses tight, and never lets go. Their butt cheeks bounce rhythmically from side to side as they strut around town. This yoga pants fetish video features dozen of beautiful women showing off their fit bodies in public. The best captures are replayed in slow motion for maximum enjoyment ;) A great collector’s item for yoga pants fans.


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Runtime:   21 minutes
Resolution:   1920 x 1080
File Size:   744 MB

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  1. Curtis

    Daaaamn, I love that 3rd chick in the video with the amazing thick, but tight, bouncy ass. Good stuff!

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